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Tall sweet Guy , Black-Latino, Poet, writer, Basketball <3,
I try my best not to Wear my heart on my sleeves due to it being Ripped in half again and again and again but just for Record the Feelings I show can be only pretend So forgive Me if I offend

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what the american school system teaches us

What every school system teaches us*

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My song of the day Im in my feelings……..

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9collinsd asked: Amen! Fuck what anybody else think. You know what's true. Oh well, all you can do is move on and hit the blunt lol. Try not to let negative people get to you. Hope you have a good day.


Hope you have a good day too! Haha man I wish I had a blunt though! Or I wish I could roll joints! Teach me!

I think he Got it. Lol


This is start to Toronto/States trip clothing.

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