Shrinking Mentality

Tall sweet Guy , Black-Latino, Poet, writer, Basketball <3,
I try my best not to Wear my heart on my sleeves due to it being Ripped in half again and again and again but just for Record the Feelings I show can be only pretend So forgive Me if I offend

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Grrrr the monster within wants me to strangle her but I try my best to hold him off my blood boils as my eyes are forced to the lowest point above my eyes I must find my happy place as I take these deep breaths……. I hate when this shit happens.

[new song]Play This ON REPEAT!! //: Feeling In My Heart - Justin Love by JustinLove on SoundCloud

My bro J.Love he’s one of the most talented singers I’ve ever worked with eventhough we argue all the time but that’s my bro.

Gm I guess eventhough it’s bouta be 12 lol. #BoutaEatBreakfast


I feel like a princess and Iā€™m wearing the cutest panties šŸ’–

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early until the night…… I always think about you…. #TheMusicSpeaksForMe

She's 16

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Ashley Martelle