Shrinking Mentality

Tall sweet Guy , Black-Latino, Poet, writer, Basketball <3,
I try my best not to Wear my heart on my sleeves due to it being Ripped in half again and again and again but just for Record the Feelings I show can be only pretend So forgive Me if I offend

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The journey still traveling distractions sometimes still in the way Β varied will a sum of hatred from those who don’t want us to be, faithful to the year faithful by word of mouth and by ear tears shed due to the fear but the blurred vision due to the everclear the bs It’s intended that we put it in the rear hoping that no days in our life together that they won’t ever re-appear throwing up in the toilet full of sins, sins full of a lack of knowledge the privilege to go without knowing the answers to the questions is that being a rebel? is that the reason why the ppl. of the world get in trouble? is that the reason why ppl. trap their children in a bubble? Oh the pish posh such rubble but then she finds the right one to bring her in the huddle to figure out the game plan through life the goals the past achievements the faith in succeeding the belief in believing what is your reasoning for my needing? what is the perception of your liking? what is the reason why we’re fighting? what do you envision?

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